Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I bought a table today

Dropped by the thrift store today and found WAY too many things that I had ideas for.

Small tables for either side tables or nightstands.
A gorgeous buffet table with a mirrored backsplash type piece.

It was about to put me over the edge because I already know which house I want to buy.  However, we still need to sell ours.

We are putting a bid on it today/tomorrow and I really want it.  My mind is racing with all sorts of ideas of what I could do here or there.  I've not been able to sleep because I am thinking about plans and ideas.

This is the kitchen/dining area of the house I want.

I hope I don't jinx myself by showing you it.
It is beautiful, and spacious, and I won't have to do anything to it right away if I don't want to.

And today I bought a table to possibly use in this room.

78 inches long, 37 1/2 inches wide, and 30 inches tall.

I like the sturdy tapered leg with just a little detailing.

It is big enough we can use it for our family as our main table, but I also have thoughts of using this as my sewing room work table.  Raise it up a bit either on casters or adding something onto the leg.  My cousin Tiffany said her mom bought a table like this and then cut the legs down to use it as a large coffee table.  Cut it so that an ottoman would fit underneath for hidden storage, seating.

I've got options.
Just gotta get "my" house. ;)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Swimsuit Model #2

Little Miss E. modeling her swimsuit I made.

Such a funny little thing.  She was loving being in the water.

Original swimsuit post HERE.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Finds

When you are trying to sell a house and move you really shouldn't be finding or buying additional stuff.  The whole idea is to purge and clean out for a fresh start, don't you think?

Sometimes it just can't be helped.

As hubby and I were once again heading to Menard's for something we needed to finish a project we drove by this group of furniture sitting out on the curb in this industrial park area.

Still there on our way back I picked up a chair and a bench.  Passed on the round glass table.

These are metal and wood and fabric.  The fabric needs help, but everything else is in good shape.  I actually went back again and picked up the other 2 chairs (3 total) and will figure it out later.  At least one will go to my son for his desk in his new room that we don't yet have.

I really liked the metal supports on this bench too.  They are on the ends too.

This can be used in then entry or mudroom--once again I don't know where we are moving to, but I have visions anyway.  It can be painted some fun color....or add a cushion....

And here is the downsize and staging of my LR.  We moved out a cedar chest and a loveseat to the basement so that we can make it look more open.

The little table between the chairs is a sewing machine table that I found free on the curb in my neighborhood 3 yrs. ago.  I had my son take out the machine just this week because it was SO heavy.  And although the machine did work, I hadn't ever used it and decided to remove it (donated it to my thrift store).  Then we tightened up the legs a bit and good to go.

The 2 wingback chairs I just picked up on Wednesday at one of the thrift stores that I frequent occasionally. Stopped there on a whim and found these for $12.99/ea. marked down from $27.99/ea.  They were in better shape upholstery-wise than the other 2 I had in there and these matched each other, so even better.  I had almost bought a different pair of wingbacks last week for $49.99/ea.  Glad I didn't.  They had dark floral upholstery.  The lighter ones (they are kind of a green grey fabric) look nicer in this space.

I also picked up recently 2 different Pampered Chef stoneware pieces.  A loaf pan (which I absolutely LOVE for making homemade bread) for $5 and a 9 x 13 pan for $10.  Happy day!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Today is the Day and Kitchen Counter Update

Today our house goes on the market.
It's only 2 months after I had originally wanted to have it ready to go, but.....such is life around here.
Now the kicker will be to see if we can get moved before school starts after Labor Day.
Keep the fingers crossed.

I thought I'd show one of the projects we did to get ready.  I'll show a couple more in the next few days too.

First up the kitchen counter and backsplash.

Old counter top before we took it out and before we repainted and tiled the walls.
We had a cream-ish paint over that green but had to get it all off because it was peeling and gross.
I'll tell you more later about those nasty avocado green painted walls from hell.

Our friend Paul told us about their kitchen remodel and how they used laminate sheet to redo the counters.
We really don't have much counter space in our kitchen and so this sounded like a straight forward fix for us.

The color we picked---Gold Flake

Roll on the laminate sheet onto your counter board with contact cement.
Install it in place.

Cut out the sink opening with masking tape and a jigsaw.

Hubby cut the facing trim from some solid oak.
It turned out great.

Once the counter was completed we put up the subway tile (3x6 pieces)
We had the section along the sink wall and then a little bit behind the stove towards the fridge.

I am really happy with how both turned out.
Even though we didn't do anything with the cabinets (we'll let the new owners decide if they want to do that or not) the changes we did make really give a nice feel to the kitchen.
And not having our house ready when I wanted I have been able to enjoy the kitchen a bit before leaving.

Laminate sheet bought at Menard's
Oak trim and facing custom made by hubby
Subway tile from The Home Depot
Changed the overhead light and vent.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Family Reunion Tees

One of the fun things we had for our family reunion last week at Ft. Robinson State Park, NE. was a reunion t-shirt designed by Emily.

It featured the family name, place where we had the reunion, year, and on the back of each shirt the number placement of when you personally entered the family, either by marriage or birth.

For example: this group of cousins and how they fit into the family.

And then the stream of little cousins.

We had 34 of the 38 family members in attendance (plus Mason the dog).  Two of the married grandkids and their spouses weren't able to make it. (#s 9,10, 37, 38)

The little kids always want to do a goofy picture, and I always say that once they cooperate for some nice ones I'll let them do funny ones.

Here we are in all our glory.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!

We're finishing up last minute details before our house goes on the market.
I just want to be done with everything.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Trio of Grad Quilts from Emily

Last week we had our family reunion and while we were there Emily gave the 3 graduating nieces their quilts she had made for them--my oldest daughter being one of them.

They are all the same pattern and design, just with different color schemes.

#1--Tiffany Blue for Miss H. who's heading off to BYU-Idaho

#2--Black and White and Pink for Miss M. who is heading to U of Nebraska Lincoln.

Back and binding

#3--Scrappy for Miss L. who is heading to BYU in Provo.

Floral back and binding

They were each pretty happy with their gift, as you can see.

Each one was quilted differently and includes their name quilted somewhere in the sashing portion---so no one else can claim the quilt for themselves.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Breaking out of our jam rut

At our house the preferred jam of choice is Raspberry.
Hands down!
I think there are a few kids who won't even try anything else.
Sad day for them this year as my raspberry patch is no more.
Dead from a Japanese Beetle attack.
It really is a sad day for all of us, but not much I can do now.

So I am trying a couple different jam recipes than we haven't had in the past.

Last week I made Strawberry-Blueberry Freezer Jam.

I made homemade bread the next day to give with a jar of jam to the teachers as a thank you.
It is always a hit with people.
I also gave one to my stylist.
I've brought her bread and/or jam before.
She told me she hides her jar in the back of the fridge so she doesn't have to share with her family.

  • Recipe here.  
  • I used frozen blueberries that I bought at Sam's.  I just measured out the amount and then let them thaw in the fridge overnight.  I drained off the melted liquid before chopping them up.
  • We prefer freezer jams normally, but the Sure-Jell packages come with cooked jam recipes too.
  • I was able to get 9 - 1/2 pints out of this recipe.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Graduation T-shirt Quilt--for daughter #1

This is the first t-shirt quilt of 5 (4 more over the next 11 years) that I will make for each of my children as they graduate from high school.

I'm so so happy that I got L.'s graduation quilt back in time from our quilter, Lynn.
It arrived on Monday.
I put the binding on it on Tuesday and graduation was Thursday night.

Although she knew which shirts I had used, I didn't really let her see it until it was completely put together. And once it showed up she didn't want to see it until actual graduation day.  The next 2 kids down were my picture helpers and they were quite envious.  Once again they wanted confirmation that they too would be getting a quilt when they graduate.

Here are some close-ups of the quilting and a couple of the t-shirt blocks.

Since there were a number of swimming related shirts Lynn did a meander that appears somewhat like water or waves.  She then did the borders in a different little motif.  I really love how it all turned out.

I just think this will be a fun quilt for her to have for college and beyond.

  • Finished dimensions:  74 1/2 inches wide by 81 inches long.
  • We used about 8 adult t-shirts including both the front and back.  Then added a couple solos here and there as needed. If you are using on the fronts of shirts you'd need about 16 for this size/style quilt.
  • Started with 16 inch squares on most shirts.
  • Apply lightweight interfacing to the wrong side of each shirt piece you are using to stabilize them.  I just went to Jo-Ann's and bought a bolt of their least expensive interfacing and used my coupon.  For sure I used at least 10 yds. of interfacing putting this together.
  • Kona charcoal sashing and borders.  Cut 2 1/2 strips for between the columns and 4 1/2 strips for the outer borders.
  • Orange and white chevron flannel from Jo-Ann's for backing.  $3.49/yd on sale.  Bought 6 yards to make sure I had enough room to match the print.
  • Found a fun navy polka-dot print for the binding.

Preview post here.
For more ideas here is my friend Ann's posts on her kids' t-shirt quilts.
And Emily's favorite babysitter's graduation t-shirt quilt.
I found these layout ideas helpful in planning what I was going to do: herehere, and here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Black Tie Swimsuit Model

Here is a pic of little Miss C. sent to me by her mom Holly.
I gave her this suit last summer at her baby shower.

Thanks Holly for letting me see her.  She looks darling!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Bra Cup Supplies -- bring on the modesty

My 11 yr. old daughter just cringes when I talk about bra cups.  She's at that age where wearing a bra (sports bra with no shape whatever) is the worst thing we could ever torture her to do.

This is the first year I am putting bra cups in her swimsuit and she is DYING about it.  Let's face it, unfortunately when little girls get to be 10, 11, 12 years old their bodies are right in that in between stage where an additional layer of lining in the swimsuit does not necessarily provide enough coverage and most bra cups are too big.  But who wants to see little boobies?  Not me....or anyone else for that matter.

My cousin Tiffany helped me find a great supplier for bra cups.  I had been buying them only at Jo-Ann Fabrics, using a 50% off coupon when I could, but they didn't come small enough for any preteen and not even small enough for my #2 daughter who is 14.  They just worked for me and daughter #1 (soft molded bra cups -- size A/B cups).

Enter Sew Sassy Fabrics LLC, a company out of Huntsville, Alabama.

Their bra cups come in a WIDE range of sizes, beige or black, and single pairs or dozen pairs available for purchase.

Soft Foam Swim Cups

Their sizing chart:
SizeApproximate bust/cup size
 230 A
 430 B
 632 A
 832 B
1034 B
1236 B
1436 C
1638 B
1838 C
2040 B
2240 C
2442 B
2642 C

They also have a nice variety of elastic if you can't find what you are looking for locally.

Recently I bought 4 different sizes, in bulk, because we make lots of swimsuits here, and they are awesome. For my youngest daughter, who is 11, I bought size 4.  They can also be cut down some and not fall apart if you think you might be in between sizes.  Although she was NOT happy with the idea, she does recognize that she could use a little more modesty in her swimsuits.  And really isn't that what it is all about--being able to enjoy yourself and not worry about modesty or over-exposure or some body part?

For this 2-tone racerback I just tacked the cups into the suit, mainly because it was already completely made.

For suits that have a bra shelf I would sew it into the shelf completely, or make a "pocket" within the bra shelf (basically a double layer of bra shelf) for the cups so they can be removed before washing.

This suit I made last year for one of my daughter's friends.  She wore it once, before her mother banned her from wearing it in public.  Too much nipple exposure when wet, even with a bra shelf.  We'll add the bra cups to it for this year and she should be able to wear it without any issues this summer.

Enjoy your upcoming summer days!  Gotta go buy our swim pass and we'll be ready.

Call Sew Sassy to ask for wholesale prices.  
You just need to order at least $50 of supplies to get the wholesale discount.
I was able to get a dozen bra cup pairs for $15.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lucky #7

Yesterday afternoon hubby and I were working on the tile for the back entry and into the master bath.

About 2/3 of the way finished and we heard our youngest fall in the kitchen.

Me: "Are you O.K.?"
C: "No."
Me: "Where does it hurt?"
And I look in and see that he is holding his chin.
Me: "Are you bleeding?"
C:  "I don't know."
Then hubby goes to check on him and I ask, "Does he need stitches?"

Hubby looks at me and nods.
It is 3 p.m. and I call the Peds' Urgent Care and yes they have someone who will do stitches unless it is too deep and then they'll send us onto the hospital.

FYI--and we know this from experience.  Stitches at the hospital will cost you about $500 whereas if they can handle it at the Urgent Care or the office you only have a copay.  How do we know this?  This was lucky #7 for our son to have stitches.

Thankfully, the doctor will do it once we get there.
Mr. C was awesome.
5 stitches in the chin.
7th time for stitches in his short life of 8 years.
4th time in his chin.
I'm a little scared for his future.

He did not want his picture taken, but I was able to snap one randomly.

Hubby finished the tiling while we were gone.
Grout will go on tonight after dinner.
Then the bathroom has to be put back together.
And all the door frames and baseboards.

Super slowly, but surely...pending any more trips to Urgent Care.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Front door redo

This is our "beautiful" front door.
I'm pretty sure it is original to the house, built 1960.

It is west facing and so gets lots of direct sunlight in the afternoon.
You can tell.
And you can tell that there used to be a different screen door there based on the sun damage.

It also has a big chunk of veneer missing on the bottom corner.
Lots of wear and tear from the kids.
I had hoped to just put a kick plate on it to cover that up, but kick plates leave about an inch on either side of the door and so it wouldn't have worked.

On to plan B.
I needed to strip down the door somewhat.
Used a hand sander to clean it up.
Used Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty to patch the section of missing veneer and to fill in all the holes and spaces where I got rid of the nasty broken screen door that I will NOT be replacing with another one.

Here is the finished result.

Paint is Behr Premium Plus Ultra exterior satin.
Yellow is called Sunburst (1 quart was able to do 2 coats.)
Blue is called Vintage Velvet

A huge thanks to Mike at my local Home Depot paint department.
He has been a huge help tome.

We also changed out the house numbers.  Removed the old ones from the front of the house and put new more modern looking numbers on the door.  All I had to do was line them up where I wanted them.  Put in a little pilot hole and then go to it with the cordless drill.  We also changed the doorknob, deadbolt and doorbell.

Love it!

The only thing left is to strip off the footer board and paint that.  I wasn't sure I wanted to include that at first, but now that the rest of it is done I am going to paint that blue too.
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